In a world of busy-ness, of to-do lists, of requirements and expectations, it is so refreshing to take a moment to appreciate art – to take in its beauty, to explore its ideas and messages and share in its creative energy. Whether it is something someone else has created or simply your own playful scribbles; seeing, experiencing and creating art is good for the soul and we believe it should be incorporated into your everyday.

Etch and Co. is Natalie Crombie’s brainchild and was born of a love of drawing, a career of bringing others’ ideas to life in the form of visual designs, and a deep desire to unite a community through beauty and creativity.

To etch is to draw; to draw is to share a visualisation of thoughts, emotions and ideas; sharing is connecting and growing – the flavour of life.

Combining ideas, talents and experiences Etch and Co. brings together great collaborations and unique resources for businesses and individuals who appreciate art, design, creativity and inspiration.

Etch and Co. seeks to foster creativity in the every day by crafting and sharing useful, beautiful, clever designs for every day use from branding and stationery to wall hangings as well as DIY pieces to light your own creative spark.

When it comes to business… small and medium business is a big deal for us! More often than not these businesses are the manifestation of an individual’s or partnership’s dream and that is the ultimate inspiration for Etch and Co. We support authentic SME businesses every day from the products we create and promote (logos, branding and marketing packs) to the partnerships and collaborations we form (working with designers, marketers, copywriters, artists and more). Whether you’re a small, medium, start-up or mature business we’d love to help you share your passion and nurture your businesses so it can grow naturally.

Believing that creative expression is something that should be enjoyed by all, there is a range of products and pricing options to suit all budgets covering electronic and print designs, templates and pre-designed packs, as well as custom design work.

Etch and Co. also believes in recycling and environmentally friendly practices, which is why products sold are either made from recycled material or can be recycled themselves.

Ignite your creative spark and boost your brand with a little help from Etch & Co.